Welcome to Mid 7 Transportation

Welcome to the best trucking company you’ve never heard of!

Since 1947, Mid Seven Transportation has been quietly running one of the longest-lasting trucking companies in the United States. Since Mr. Vern Simpson returned from service in World War II, coming home to drive a truck in his hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, and continuing through his early partnership with John Deere manufacturing, his company has made a reputation of consistent, high-quality trucking, with integrity and strong community involvement.

In November of 2012, Mid Seven was acquired by Boyd Brothers Transportation, taking the company into the spotlight by joining the Boyd family of companies. Boyd Brothers, known for innovation and high standards, coupled with Mid Seven, known for its history of safety and driver quality presents a new opportunity in the Midwest for customers and drivers.

We invite you to browse our website and experience what has made, and continues to make Mid Seven different from the rest of the “herd”. Let us say right up front that our focus isn’t on mindlessly running freight – we have a better way. You have goals in life – they are yours, not ours – and it’s our job to help you reach your goals. Are you a driver, tired of the same-old-runaround? Is your family tired of the constant job-hopping that our industry prods you into? Perhaps you’re a customer with bloodshot eyes, tired of reading everyone’s propaganda. What if you could peel away the “marketing”, and really see how a company runs – what’s important, where’s their focus?

Mid 7 Transportation is a Daseke Company. Mid 7 is a part of Daseke Inc., a growth focused, asset strong transportation company offering open deck, specialized and logistics services throughout North America.

Welcome to Mid Seven Transportation, where it is our goal to add value and change lives